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★Tenchi-tsubuyaki ame (the Candy of a Whisper from the Heaven and the Earth)

 Japanese price : 580yen

The first in the world! This sacred candy is produced in Japan. It heals
and detoxifies your mind and body. We successfully made our candy from
frankincense from Salalah of Oman of the Arabian Night, honey from Arctic
Lapland Finland of the White Nights, and Arabian honey etc And Himalayan salt with 380000000years of history.

Let us introduce the ingredients:

* White night honey from Arctic Lapland region

We use honey from Arctic Lapland. During the short summer of the white nights, bees collect honey from Rosebay Willowherb, Cloudberry,
Lingonberry and other wild flowers blossoming in the forests of Lapland. The taste and aroma of the honey is dense and pungent.

There are many health and beauty effects in this honey.
Honey is rich in vitamin, mineral, and amino acid. It is highly nutritive
health food. The taste of this honey is dense and sweet, but the calorie is
lower than sugar. The main ingredients are fructose and glucose. Therefore,
they are absorbed into the intestinal wall in a short time of period and get
into blood vessels once they are absorbed in the body. They become nutrition
without burdening the stomach or intestines.

Honey also supports the function of intestine. It has sterilizing and antibacterial effects and strengthens your immune system.
It becomes energy to support your brain and stomach. The effects and function include prevention of mouth odor, stopping coughs, lowering blood pressure. It is also effective for developing a radiant skin as it includes many vitamins that are known as beauty vitamin. Honey is rich in calcium. It helps to prevent water retention, detoxify, prevent cavity, and strengthen bones. Iron and copper prevents anemia.

* Frankincense

From the ancient times, frankincense was used as incense
at altars and in temples. It is famous as the gift for Christ from the three Magi of the East. Frankincense is good when you want to calm yourself and release any distracting thoughts. Frankincense is effective for relieving pain as well as easing bleeding and cramp.

In the Middle East,
people chew frankincense like a chewing gum. When dissolved in drinking water,
it promotes salivary secretion as well as relaxation. Frankincense is also known as its medicinal use to cure bronchitis.

For the skincare, frankincense is good for improving wrinkles because it promotes cell growth. For mental use, it calms your nerve,
heals trauma from the past, and brings happy feeling and calm heart. It promotes the recovery from maternity blue and eases the symptom of depression.
Frankincense calms and strengthens the function of the uterus and breast.

Frankincense has an important role in supporting your life. It eases unpleasant feeling caused by indigestion. Frankincense is rich
in monoterpenes, which promotes to eliminate the damaged cells from the body.
There is a possibility that damaged cells could transform into cancer.
Monoterpene works to increase the hepatic enzyme that removes a carcinogenic substance from the body.
Monoterpene is also effective to control cholesterol.
Some of the components fostered in cholesterol can eventually grow into tumour. If one can
possibly repress cholesterol, it is possible to delay or even repress the
development of tumour. Monoterpen protects chromosome and maintains a normal function of the cell.

Frankincense is incense in the realm of the God. Its scent connects the heaven and your soul. Its cleansing power is strong.

* Himalayan rock salts

Himalayan rock salt is a blessing from the earth with 380,000,000 years of history. It belongs to nature and improves health, beauty
and physical ability. It also heals your mind. One can benefit from the power
to restore the damage from its anti-oxidative effects. One can maintain health
through the absorption of mineral that activates the cell and stabilizes the mental status by releasing the negative-ion. The components of Himalayan rock salt promote the normalization of the function of intestine. It is antibacterial. It also promotes digestion and discharges body wastes.

Sodium prevents sunstroke and promotes gastric acid secretion. Sulfur stimulates hair and nail growth as well as cartilage. It also
discharges body wastes. Copper prevents skin aging, presbyopia and eyestrain fatigue. Calcium prevents stiff shoulder, irritation, and osteoporosis. Silicon strengthens connective tissues. Magnesium stabilises mental status and heart muscle.
Potassium supports body waste discharges. Iron gains strength against illness.
Zinc improves the immune system and boosts a sexual drive.

Himalayas are also known as the Dragon Force with very high energy. 380,000,000 years ago, with diastrophism, seawater was sealed into a rock wall and created a huge layer of rock salts. After a number of diastrophism, these layers moved the surface. From the ancient times, Himalayan salts received the blessing of energy from nature and its cleansing power is immense.

We made the Sacred Candy by collaborating these three ingredients. Especially, honey of the White Nights from Lapland, Finland
is not mass-produced. It is 100% natural and thus very exquisite. In addition,
frankincense, which is directly imported from Oman,
was one of the gifts for baby Jesus from the Magi. It is said that the Blessed Virgin Mary washed Jesus’s feet with perfumed oil made from frankincense. Frankincense we used to make this candy is directly imported from Salalah, the land that has been designated as the home of frankincense.
Frankincense we used for these candies are collected during the limited period of time and of the highest quality.

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